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WHSBB Show Ramps

5 complete sets of ramp assemblies for field shows

WHSBB Show Ramps

5 complete sets of ramp assemblies, including:
 - 1 4x8 surface ramp
 - 2 2x8 surface ramps
 - 1 2x4 surface platform which connects the three ramps
 - 1 wheeled platform for the front of the ramps
 - 1 wheeled truss dolly for the rear of the ramps

The ramps are designed with interlocking extensions at their tops which hold the three ramps together and prevent them from tipping or moving during performance.  The extensions also serve as the base for the platform, which is also reinforced to allow for students standing on or walking across the platform.  At their tallest point, the ramps are 20" tall.

Each ramp is well-constructed and reinforced to withstand multiple students with instruments standing on or walking across them.  The surface of the ramp is constructed of plywood (not cheaper/weaker OSB) and has received a minimum of three coats of outdoor paint, the final coat containing a texture to avoid slipping even when wet.  Both sides of the 4x8 ramp and one side each of the 2x8 ramps are enclosed with heavy-duty outdoor vinyl and painted to match the surfaces.  The ramps are raised on trusses (3 per 4x8 ramp, 2 per 2x8 ramp) and each span of plywood is reinforced with regular 2x4 joists.

For moving and storage, the 2x8 ramps can be inverted onto the top of the 4x8 ramps and moved as a set.  Each set can be easily moved across a parking lot by one individual, but we recommend two for moving them on/off the field.  The wheels, which are fit to the 4x8 ramps, can be stored inside the inverted ramps.  All 5 sets of ramps can be stacked and stored in an area roughly 4'x9'x10'

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