• Friendships

    ——They don't just happen

    We pride ourselves on developing new student leaders while having fun.

  • Confidence

    ——Built from experience

    We put young people on the field in front of hundreds of spectators.

  • Teamwork

    ——Working with others

    is a skill that best learned early...

  • Showmanship

    —— Creativity and Artistry

    Being part of something Bigger...

  • Reward

    ——Achievement, Recognition

    for having done your very best...

Be part of something Bigger...

Welcome to the Home of the Wakefield High School Bands

Whether you are a parent, a student or a visitor to one of our annual festivals, we hope you find all the information here that you need.  If you are a Future Student, we have a page of information, just for you! Please contact us if you have any questions.


Want to change the world?...a good story

One of my favorite movie lines comes from a story in which the best players of one of the best football teams go on strike and they bring in replacements. It’s a story of a group of men who were given a second chance at doing something of significance with their lives. It’s a story about how these men become a tight knit group of friends who would do anything for the other. The replacements go on to win the championship game, and at the very end of the game, the coach, played by Gene Hackman says, “Greatness – no matter how short, stays with a man.”  What our kids do when they perform is greatness. What they experience in growing a tight knit group of friends is greatness. It stays with them. It is a gift. And when I think of how we could change the world, I think, if more kids had an opportunity to experience greatness – great friendships, great sacrifice, great work, and great accomplishment, then we would have more leaders like Mr. Munoz, who chose to make a difference by serving young people and leading them toward greatness, and we would have more people ready to give of their time to support this environment. Let's "band" together and change the world.

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