Uniform Dress Code

Wakefield Band Uniform Dress Code

As a Marching Band student you represent Wakefield HS and the Wakefield Band Programs.  Proper appearance and dress reflect your respect for the band performance and for your peers. 

New Marching Band Members:

  • Click here to provide us your uniform measurements

Returning Band Members:

  • Optional additional shoe & glove orders, click here (due August 6)

Early Season Football Games:

  • khaki colored shorts
  • belt with shorts (males)
  • white socks
  • light colored sneakers (if you have them)
  • show shirt color communicated via band director

Later Season Football Games / All Competitions:

  • Black band shoes clean, neatly polished, no scuffs or dirt. (your initials marked inside)
  • Black Socks (crew, no markings)
  • Gauntlets and Gloves clean and free of dirt
  • Pant length just hit top of shoes
  • Mirror on front jacket clean and smudge-free
  • Hat flat on head, not pushed back or forward. Brim down just above eyebrows

Hair / Nails / Jewelry:

  • Hair off the collar. No Gel or Mousse in hair
  • Longer hair worn up in a ponytail and secured on head inside of hat with no loose pieces of hair
  • No visible nail polish
  • Stud earrings, one pair only (one in each ear)

Uniform Care:

  • No food or beverages other than water
  • Store hats in their Hat Boxes
  • Hang up uniforms after performance
  • Address cleaning or maintenance issues with the the Parent Uniform Coordinator
  • Students will be accountable for any careless damage or loss of uniform
  • Gloves can be stored in your MB hat box, but always take shoes home
  • Guard students are responsible for shoes and gloves as instructed by captains

When Traveling: 

  • Hat Boxes may accompany students on the bus with hats in boxes

Section Leaders are responsible for Dress Code check before each event. Drum Majors make final check.  Any violations or concerns should be reported to Mr. Muñoz.