Winter Guard

The Wakefield Winter Guard is an extra-curricular organization that continues practicing and performing from December to March, building on the Color Guard skills learned during the regular marching season.  The Winter Guard is comprised of four separate groups of students.

Wakefield Middle School - This group of students from the middle school learns the basics of Winter Guard through the support of the Wakefield HS staff and assistance from the other teams. 

Wakefield Silver Guard - Traditionally considered a "Junior Varsity" team, Wakefield Silver surpassed the expectations of the judges in 2008, being promoted to Scholastic A-1 performance level.

Wakefield Maroon Guard - Reaching to the next level of competition, the Wakefield Maroon Guard was also promoted to "Open" class during the 2008 season. 

Wakefield Independent Guard - For the Winter Guard performer who just can't get enough, Wakefield is proud to provide a performance team consisting of students not directly affiliated with the traditional school program.  Members are primarily alumni from Wakefield High School.  Note:  The Wakefield Independent Guard was active for 2007-2009 seasons and is currently inactive.

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Winter Percussion

Winter Percussion - The Winter Percussion program performs at Atlantic Indoor Association and Winter Guard International events in the Concert Percussion Open Class division.  This ensemble is an opportunity for our percussionist to expand their musical skills and repertoire knowledge as well as a chance for the non-percussionist to learn a new skill.


Don't miss the opportunity to attend our annual Winter Guard Competition held on the Wakefield School Campus.


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