Marching Band

Building Friendships.....

Marching Band

The next marching season is quickly approaching! If you are currently a registered band, guard or percussion student, keep a look out on the Calendar for upcoming reminders and dates to remember.

The Marching Band Program forms a very close net family of musical individuals that grow together and win together.

Some life lessons children that are involved in the Marching Band program learn:


They learn to March and Play Music at the same time


Long rehearsals and memorization play a big part in the Discipline lessons that are taught to the Band students.

Everyone is important

Every part of the Marching Band Team is a very important part of the group and every team member contributes to the Team success.


Marching Band members form a special camaraderie through shared experiences and build relationships with long lasting friendships.

Time Management

Every day will be full, requiring effective time management to perform well both in school and on the field.

Resilience and Strength

The Team Members learn that they will mess up but to keep on going until they get it perfect. Things don’t always go according to plan.

Manners and Respect

When others perform, Marching band members are quiet and listen. When others finish performing, Marching band members applaud the performers.

 If you have never had the chance to watch your children perform, find the time to do so. Your children are amazing!