Rehearsals / Band Camp

Band Camp/After School/Evening/Saturday Rehearsals


  • The leader in charge for the day will obtain keys to the kitchen from band director.
  • Fill and Refill Large drink coolers located in the small kitchen in Band suite. (Ice is available in Kitchen. Please wash your hands before using ice machine)
  • Water Coolers will need to be taken to the field once students head outside. You can use the AV cart or the wagon to move coolers. Student Leaders may also be available to help take the coolers down to the field.
  • Bring Water Coolers back inside at end of practice. Pour out old water and leave open to dry out.
  • Volunteers will make sure that there are wet towels in the freezer each day.
  • Take wet / frozen towels to practice areas outside for use in cooling down students.
  • Help with loading trailer and getting equipment down to the field.
  • Fill water bottles of students while they are on field, so that when they have a quick break their bottles are ready. Ask Band Director to remind students to place their water bottles on the side if they need filling.
  • Keep the First Aid bag in each area where students are practicing. There are 3 bags, (guard, Percussion and the rest of the band.) Directions for administering First Aid are below.
  • Volunteers will be divided up so that someone is with each section of the band. (Guard, Percussion, Front Orchestra and Winds)
  • Volunteers will assist the Hospitality Team with cutting up fruit while the band is practicing inside the building.
  • Please notice when something is missing or running low in first aid bag and make the First Aid Coordinator aware.
  • Give out Freeze Pops at the end of practice each evening.
  • Be flexible!  

Additional Information:

  • Bring a chair to sit in.  Your chairs may also be used for students if they are ill.
  • Bring hat, water bottle, sunscreen, and bug spray.
  • Bring a cell phone in case you need to call parents of a sick child, or if an emergency arises.

First Aid Duties:

If you need to administer First Aid:

  • Look up the student in the notebook inside the first aid bag to see that the parent has given permission to administer first aid.
  • Check to see that the student is not allergic to any of the first aid products. Fill out the form inside of the notebook so that we have a record of what was done during practice.

     LOCATION: Practice field

    Volunteers Must Be Registered with WCPSS