Other Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

Dear WHS Band Family:

We hope you will take time to volunteer some of your precious time and skills to support the Band Program this year! The Band can only succeed with the support of its members. Volunteers are very much needed to work behind the scenes. Some parents have found that they can do small things at home that have a large impact on the Band Program.

Contact the President or Volunteer Coordinator to express your interest and find out more.



Secure a cost effective vendor for all logo-wear and booster accessories available for sale and make items available for purchase

Indoor Band Camp Coordinator

Plans, picks up, prepares and serves meals during camp, including staff

Outdoor Band Camp Coordinator

Assists the Volunteer Coordinator during band camp by helping training parent volunteers on the importance of keeping students hydrated and what to do if first aid is required

Helps to oversee shift changes to ensure all areas have adequate volunteer coverage

Equipment and Trucks

Rents trucks(s) to be used to transport pit equipment, props, gator (BOA) and other items too large to transport on the bus


Manages the workflow necessary to produce color guard and winter guard flags

Heart of Carolina (HOC)

Project manages all the tasks associated with HOC (usually held 1st Saturday of October)


Plans and coordinates Potluck held dinner last day of band camp. Ensures water and snacks are available for competitions and other menus requested


Organizes workflow necessary to construct/paint props for marching band and winter guard shows

Pit Crew

Manages the transportation and field placement of the marching band pit equipment both on and off the field


Manages all communications equipment


Manages marching band uniforms and concert wear

Winter Blast

Project manages all the tasks associated with Winter Blast (usually held 3rd Saturday in March)

Awards Banquet

Plans and coordinates all tasks associated with end of year Awards banquet

Web Site

Maintains band web site

Volunteers Must Be Registered with WCPSS