Heart of Carolina

Heart of Carolina Volunteers

The Heart of Carolina is a competition that Wakefield High School hosts every year on the first Saturday in October.  In consideration for hosting the competition, the Boosters agree to follow the guidelines provided by the NC Bandmaster's Association.  This event requires the cooperation of all band members and their families to be successful.  As a member, you have agreed to support this event with your time and talent. Below are descriptions of how you can volunteer to help the day of HOC and also take part in the planning of HOC by volunteering to Chair an HOC committee.

Volunteering the Day of HOC:

Attire: Volunteers are encouraged to wear a Wakefield band shirt, WHS shirt, or Maroon shirt.  Check in with the HOC Volunteer Coordinator at the Command Center Tent outside the band room for your volunteer pass and meal ticket.

Roles/Duties for HOC Adult Volunteers :

Change Rooms:  This area is responsible for the classrooms and washrooms being used for bands to change. Make sure the garbage is always tidy and emptied as required.  We have a trash czar who will be coming around to empty the garbage cans.

Ticket Booth: Assist with Ticket sales and handing out programs

Parking: This area is also responsible for managing the parking areas. Please bring a flashlight, if possible.

Equipment/Field: This area is also responsible for holding the caution tape when a band enters and exits the field to protect spectators. Assist with controlling the entrance into the stadium from the back gate and ensuring individuals entering the gate have a wrist band, volunteer badge or necklace identification. Supervise students that are placed at the front of the stands and hold up “QUIET PLEASE” signs during performances. Individuals are assigned to the entrance of the seating area as well as ramp at the back of the stadium.  It will be your job to stop pedestrian traffic while bands are performing on the field.

Souvenir Sales:Please report to the Souvenir chairs under the tent in the stadium plaza. They will give you instructions for helping with sales.

Candy Gram: Please report to the Candy Grams chairs under the tent in the stadium plaza.  They will give you instructions for helping with sales and assembling Candy Grams.

BBQ Stand: Please report to BBQ stand tent located in the stadium plaza. They will give you instructions for helping with sales. Adults may also help with assembling and wrapping BBQ sandwiches.

Grill and Fry Area: Please report to Grill and Fry tent located in the stadium behind the bleachers. You will help grill burgers, dogs, and french fries to feed the hungry crowd. Adults may also help with assembling and wrapping sandwiches.

Main Concessions: Please report to Main concession area located inside the stadium plaza for further instructions. Adult volunteers wil help with food sales, preparing and wrapping food items, stocking drinks, and cleaning condiment areas and concession stand.

Stand Sales: Assist Concessions Chairperson with sale of water and popcorn in stadium bleachers.  Also 50/50 raffle sales

Funnel Cakes: Please report to Funnel Cake Tent at the stadium entrance. Will help cook and sell funnel cakes.

Warm Up Area/Water StationsThis area oversees the three warm up area for the incoming bands. Adults will be located in a centralized position to help direct bands to their warm up areas.  Students will be assigned to each warm up area to help assist the bands as well. Help keep the bands hydrated by filling water cups as bands come through the warmup areas.  Also coordinate with other chairs to keep the water coolers full and the trash picked up when needed.

Bake Sale: Please report to the Bake Sale chairs under the tent in the stadium plaza.  They will give you instructions to help with sales.

Directors Registration: You will be responsible for assisting the Director Registration Chair and handing out wristbands to our visiting bands hands when they arrive.

Hospitality: You will be responsible for assisting the Hospitality Chairs in providing meals and refreshments to our visiting Band Directors and staff, as well as, the adjudication panel and WHS staff.

Volunteering to help plan HOC:

Click the areas below to see the associated chair position roles and responsibilities. 

HOC Committee Descriptions

Volunteers Must Be Registered with WCPSS