Contact: VP Operations

Parent Volunteer Attire:  Volunteers must wear a WHS band shirt.
Parent Volunteer Duties:

  • Check buses / clean if necessary
  • Load/unload trucks
  • Load/unload buses
  • Assist in getting props to the field/on the field/off the field/back to trucks
  • First aid (link)
  • Water bottles/snacks/meals (varies per times)
  • Load tarp
  • Truck Drivers (link)

Additional Information:

  • The schedule for each competition is different and depends on such factors as how far away the competition is, the time we perform, and whether we make finals.
  • Performance times are assigned. They are not our choice.
  • If we make finals, competitions will end late, and we usually do not arrive back to WHS until midnight or later.
  • Volunteers (except truck drivers) ride the bus with the students and stay with the band at all times. 
  • Family members may not accompany the parent volunteer.
  • You will be given a specific job for all competitions, but expect to help wherever help is needed.

Volunteers Must Be Registered