Fruit Sale

Indian River Fruit Sale

Every fall, the marching band takes orders for fruit from the Indian River Fruit Company - a company based out of Florida that guarantees customer satisfaction 100%. It's a great way to earn money for your child's Fair Share.

Your child will receive a Product Flyer, Order form, and envelop with which to take orders and payments on Thursday, September 17, but you can start talking about it now.

Friends and family, both local and out of town can enjoy by taking advantage of the benefit of ordering online.  Don’t forget to reach out to supporters by email and Facebook! 

  1. Show Product Flyer to your customers
  2. Complete order form and collect payment (cash or check)
  3. Make checks out to WHSBB (Wakefield High School Band Boosters)
  4. Place all orders and payments in the envelope provided
  5. Return to the Band Box no later than Friday, November 6.
  6. Write student name on all order forms

Additional copies of the Product Flyer and Order Form are available in the band room and from this page (right column).

Fruit will be delivered to Wakefield High School sometime between December 1st and December 18th. We will email a reminder out the week prior to delivery to confirm the exact date and time.

If you have any questions contact, Jennifer Shefte, or 919-830-5192. 


Good Luck and Thank You in Advance for Your Support!





Orders Start:  September 17

Orders End:  November 6

Order Page

Product Flyer

Order Form