Ad Sales

Sell ads, trophies, and corporate sponsorships

Selling ads, trophies for Heart of Carolina (HOC) through corporate sponsorships is a great way to raise money towards your Fair Share (FS).

Here’s how it works

  • Download and print the sponsorship forms (2 pages) (or pick up from band director’s office)
  • Download and/or view list of current sponsors so as not to pursue
  • Read them, so you are familiar with the content
  • Write your child’s name in the Sales Representation section of the Payment Information block
  • Visit local businesses
  • Ask to speak to the owner
  • Show them the forms and ask them if they would consider sponsoring Wakefield High School bands or ask them if you could leave them the forms for their consideration
  • Start with the people your know and have a relationship with: restaurant owner, dentist, orthodontist, doctor, etc.
  • Earn 40% towards your Fair Share for every ad or trophy you sell.
  • Earn 20 - 40% towards to Fair Share for every sponsorship you sell.

Corporate Sponsors

  • If you have the time and interest, pursue corporate sponsors by downloading and printing the corporate sponsor cover letter.
  • Download and view current list of existing Sponsors, so as not to pursue.
  • These potential sponsors typically require a letter and at least thirty days advance notice.

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