Standing Committees

Heart of Carolina Chairperson

Cyndi Townley
ElyMcClanahan - co-chair
WinterBlast! Chairperson       Need
Uniform Coordinator Sharon Peacock
Props Coordinator Shane O'Donnell
First Aid Coordinator Kathy Phillips
Pit Crew Coordinator Shawn Shefte
Hospitality Michelle MacFarlane 
Apparel Coordinator Lynelle Clark
Equipment and Trucks Manuel Puyana
Flags Coordinator Sonja Werner
Alumni Relations Joyce DuMont
Website Kevin Blackwood
Video/Photography Mike Townley
Winter / Spring Awards/Senior Banquet

Fundraising Coordinators

PNC Concessions Chris Bradley/Cyndi Townley
Fruit Sale Jennifer Shefte
Mistletoe Market  Marcie Malin/Ann Walter
CD/DVD Sales  Cyndi Townley

If you are interested in serving or have any questions, please contact any of the President or VP of Operations.